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Review zu Stranded 2
some of you may be wondering why they might want to play a game with graphics from the 90's, a catchy voice that says "its not working" everytime you fail to do something properly, and the ability to kill animals with no consequence whatsoever, i am here to show you why you want to play it.
  Stranded II is a game about survival, and you can choose to start in either the "campaign" single island, or randomly generated island, the campaign is full of challenges to complete, and as with most games, is a great way to learn how to play, and also is one thing you wouldn't want to be left out of, that said just simply pressing random island and learning to play that way isnt such a bad idea either, although you will be left with less of an understanding of the game.
  Although stranded II isn't mission based or linear (unless you're playing the campaign) building different buildings and tools unlocks different messages, that can help you to learn how to play if you want, but if you know how the game works you dont need to worry about recieving the message on how to do something.
  The early gameplay in stranded II consists of punching trees, rocks, bushes and animals for resources, to be better of later on. You have several needs to satisfy in this game those needs being, hunger, thirst, and fatigue. to get rid of fatigue, you sleep, although sleeping under the stars lowers you're health, building a shelter on you're first night can be dificult, so if you can either find coffee beans, or get lucky enough for the exact materials for a small shelter, you are pretty good off.
  Stranded II is moddable, to an extent, there are several modifications, such as massive mod, kidnap mod and other modifications like it that add to the game, but they are hard to install but well worth it, there is also a map editor where you can edit maps, which easily adds one or two months of gameplay, however if you can't really use it that well you can always just import maps by downloading them.
  Overall i would say stranded is an excelent game, and is not that taxing on the computer either, and isn't that big a file either, although that can change if you like to make maps. i rate this game an 8/10 for gameplay, 6/10 for graphics, 9/10 for a funny english accented hero, and a solid 10/10 for replayability and map editing overall i rate it at 8/10.

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Stranded 2
Stranded 2
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